OpenNMS® Compass 3

An OpenNMS Mobile App by The OpenNMS Group, Inc.

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About OpenNMS® Compass 3

OpenNMS Compass is a modern mobile iOS and Android client for OpenNMS® Horizon™ and OpenNMS® Meridian™ servers.

It provides a simple dashboard for viewing outage and alarm data, node details, graphs, and more.

New in Compass 3

Since 2.x, Compass has had a huge internal update, a face lift, and probably a Brazilian Blowout or something. The codebase is leaner, faster, and has a number of new features, including:

  • Graphs! Compass 3.0 now supports resource graphs using the measurements API, available in Horizon 16 and above, and Meridian 2016.1.0 or higher.
  • Multiple server support! Now you can configure and switch between multiple OpenNMS servers.
  • Maps! (No, not those maps... *cough*) The node detail page will now show your node on a map if it has geolocation information.
  • Improved platform support. Some basic portions of Compass now work all the way back to OpenNMS 1.8, although we strongly recommend you upgrade, of course. :)

Also, Compass 3.0 does NOT have:

  • Ads! Thanks to everyone who supported Compass 2.0 but we decided to remove the ads to improve the experience for everyone.


Outage and Alarm Dashboard

At a glance, you can see a summary of any current outages and services with pending problems. One tap will take you to a more detailed view of outages or alarms.

On supported systems1, surveillance categories are also displayed, giving you quick access to availability just like your OpenNMS® Horizon™ or OpenNMS® Meridian™ server UI.

Alarm Details

You can view your current alarms, as well as acknowledge, escalate, and clear them — right from the list, or from the alarm's details.

Node Details

View detailed information on your nodes, including SNMP attributes, address, availability information1, and outages.

If you are running the latest OpenNMS® Horizon™ or OpenNMS® Meridian™ release1, you can also view the geolocation of the node on a map, and update it with your current GPS location with the push of a button.


View and favorite node resource graphs and see them at a glance on the Compass dashboard2.


OpenNMS Compass runs on iOS 8 or higher, and Android 4.1 or higher.

OpenNMS Compass supports the following OpenNMS server versions:

Some features are only available on newer OpenNMS® Horizon™ or OpenNMS® Meridian™ versions:

  1. Availability information and alarm acknowledge/clear/escalate are only available on Horizon™ 14.0.3 and Meridian™ 2015.1.0 or higher.
  2. Graph support is only available on Horizon™ 16 and Meridian™ 2016.1.0 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
A: OpenNMS Compass is free.
Q: I'm getting 'permission denied' errors, what should I do?
A: Some versions of OpenNMS are pickier about access and permissions than others. If your version of OpenNMS supports the "mobile" role, it is recommended that you add your user to that role in $OPENNMS_HOME/etc/

Getting Help with OpenNMS Compass

There are a couple of ways to get help with OpenNMS Compass:

Beta Testing

You can beta test on Android by opting in to betas in the Google Play store.
To be added to the iOS beta test, e-mail with the subject line "Compass Beta Test" and we will send you an invite for beta testing.